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Thursday’s Session – Pastoral Leadership Institute

Friday’s Session – Lutheran Hour Ministries

Church Growth

Commission Critical – Becoming a Birthing Congregation with Rev. Robert Sawah and Rev. Dr. Lloyd Gaines

Peace Lutheran Church in Washington, D.C. is becoming a birthing congregation and is sharing the story of this journey. The time is now; there is an urgency because the Gospel is needed by so many. The mission of the church includes the communities of the congregation. Peace has chosen Commission Critical as the culture they are building.

Engaging Our Changing Communities with the Power of God’s Word with Rev. Art Boone

My community is changing. How do I equip the congregation for ministry to new people, people who speak another language? How can we make a Gospel impact, mobilize for service, and welcome our new neighbors? Nazareth Lutheran in Baltimore Maryland is repositioning as a ministry to their Spanish-speaking neighbors. Learn how this time of transition is reshaping ministry.

God is Doing a New Thing! with Rev. Peter Couser

Our world has experienced a great disruption – from so many angles and on so many levels. Every human heart has been impacted. Every church has been impacted. Yet God is still advancing His Kingdom movement! 

Come and hear how the Holy Spirit has stirred a new and unique mission partnership between legacy-makers of a dying church and a Lutheran school that seeks to connect students and families from all spiritual backgrounds with the radical life-altering love and grace of Jesus Christ!

This is what the Lord says, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:19 NIV


Homegrown Interns with DCEs Nick Butcher and Harry Grimes

King of Glory Lutheran Church in Williamsburg, Virginia has developed an Intern Program that brings youth into intentional leadership positions. As a result, interest in serving has blossomed into life decisions that sends everyday missionaries into their neighborhoods!

The Southeastern District Lay Deacon Training Program with Kirk Hymes

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! Hear directly from the participants in the very first cohort of the Southeastern District’s Lay Deacon training program to learn how they are being shaped for service within their congregations.

Mission and Outreach

The Center of Faith with Becky Wade and Rev. Dr. Matt Bean

Building on a desire to be the Center of Faith in the Community, Redeemer Lutheran Church in Richmond, Virginia set on a course to learn about community needs and where they could serve their neighbor. One of the action items that emerged was a need to help with food support. This became even more important when the stay-at-home orders of the Covid Pandemic were issued. Redeemer developed a ministry that went from serving 9-12 families per month to distributing to more than 4600 packs of food since March 2020.

Table of Hope – A Missional Outpost During COVID-19 with DCE Stacey Tassler Crosson

COVID forced us into our homes, disconnecting us from our neighbors. Hear how one family’s “table of hope” became a space during the pandemic for neighborhood inspiration, connection, communication, and service.

How Do We Welcome the Stranger? with Rev. Don Schaefer

The online presence of congregations has encouraged visitors to actually come to the church.  This is a good moment for congregations to prayerfully think through how they welcome:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually            

Congregational leaders may recognize the gift of this new moment and not simply return to predictable behaviors. It may mean examining some long held assumptions and practices with a missional mindset and heart.

You’ve Got the Power – The Holy Spirit and Missional Living with Rev. Travis Guse

On mission with Jesus! We get to join Jesus on mission as we join with what he is doing to bring life, hope, and salvation to all people.


Re-energizing the Southeastern District’s Stewardship Program with Kirk Hymes

The Southeastern District Director for Stewardship, Kirk Hymes, provides a background on Christian stewardship and how the Southeastern District is going to re-energize stewardship resources and training. Kirk addresses the difference between church membership and disciples withing the congregation. If you are thinking Stewardship needs to be re-energized, please join us in this informative video.


Presenting the Sacraments to Non-Sacramental Neighbors, part 1: Baptism with Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder

Helping non-Lutherans understand the power of the Sacraments in daily life.

Presenting the Sacraments to Non-Sacramental Neighbors, part 2: Holy Communion with Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder

Helping non-Lutherans understand the power of the Sacraments in daily life.

Intentional Discipler with Rev. Brian Weaver

Diving headlong into Discipleship into discussing what it means to our life and choosing to be intentional in nurturing discipleship in others.


Conversations on Race with Nikki Rochester

It’s a touchy subject these days; but it’s on our hearts and minds. As ambassadors of God’s love, let’s facilitate some conversation.

Be the Bridge with DCE Natasha Bowlds

2 Corinthians 5:18 reads, “All this from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us a ministry of reconciliation,” but where do we begin? Learn how to develop groups to walk through the discussions and the steps to racial reconciliation through the Word of God.